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Elevate Your Compliance Excellence with Our Comprehensive Audits, Inspections, Safety, and Training Systems

Welcome to a new approach to Inspecting and Auditing, where excellence takes flight through meticulous scrutiny in any area, or department of your organization. With the ample background and knowledge of our experts, we can enhance, and promote safety, compliance, and operational efficiency in the aviation industry. Whether you’re an airline, a charter company, or a private owner, our dedicated team of vastly experienced inspectors, auditors, trainers and aviation experts is here to ensure that your operation meets the highest industry standards.

Our world-class engineering, inspecting, training and auditing services is composed of highly qualified and well-versed experts in the (ICAO) and FAA Regulatory Requirements, as well as SMS requirements, which serve as the backbone in promoting industry’s quality, safety, compliance, operational efficiency, and reliability. With the knowledge and background of our team of experts in these mentioned areas, we can assist your organization to stay within regulatory compliance, and to achieve your organizational requirements at a level of excellence that you will be proud to have selected our services. Our experts employ multiple tools within these roles, such as the following, to achieve the surgically tailored outcome precisely fitted to your organization.

  • CASS Program Writing, Software Selection, and Software Modification Advice.
  • Comprehensive risk assessments.
  • Cost effective measures.
  • Crisis assistance, and/or management.
  • Efficiency measuring system.
  • External audits.
  • Gap analysis.
  • Heavy maintenance and on-wing staffing.
  • Improvement process writing and implementation assistance.
  • Internal audits.
  • Lease return inspections.
  • Prebuy inspections.
  • Program formatting, and software selection assistance.
  • QA program writing.
  • QC, QA, SMS, and Training program writing, and implementation.
  • QC, QA, SMS, and Training software development and enhancement.
  • Quality program writing.
  • Records review.
  • Regulatory liaison assistance, and/or management.
  • Reliability program writing and software modification assistance.
  • Reporting system.
  • Safety oversight monitoring system.
  • Serviceability inspections.
  • SMS program writing, and managing service.
  • Vendor audits.